Me and My Mobile

Love of Technology

By Brea Glasko

We are all in a relationship with our phones. The mobile world we live in has turned our phone into something more than just a piece of technology; our mobile phone is our little companion–there in times of joy or sorrow, there when traveling the world, and even there for the boring time between ordering your to-go sushi and when it gets ready to go–can you imagine standing there without the comfort of your mobile phone! Ugh!

Always there to teach, to search, to document your adventures, your work, your calls, your crazy texts to your crazier friends–as a witness, a crutch, a friend, a way to connect or disconnect from all that you know, love, and sometimes detest.

The more capable it becomes the less you need your laptop, your ipad, your kindle, your T.V. , and sometimes even some of your slightly annoying friends.  A mobile phone can give you just the right amount of aloneless with the ability to not be fully alone.

Sometimes at the end of a busy day (or even a lazy one), paired with a dirty martini, eating my favorite steak tartar, switching between silence, my phone, and tidbits of conversation with Will the bartender….I realize for a moment how perfect it all is….this mobile affair of mine….and I think to myself, in its own digital way–it’s love, is it not?


Brea Glasko is a freelance writer in Southern California.

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