On The Fly

AppSpaHackBy Brea Glasko

Apps are changing the way we travel, the way we shop, and the way we communicate with the world around us. By now, many of us are used to banking, ordering food & Ubering our way to a friend’s birthday party using the convenience of these little Apps that make life, love and the pursuit of happiness a lot easier!

Call me a creature of comfort if you’d like, I would agree. I do enjoy comfort for its own sake. Because there is intelligence in comfort and brilliance in convenience. Valet? Yes, please. Groceries delivered to my door? Oh My, double yes. A personal driver just a click away? Be still my beating heart, where have you been all my life?!

Life is complicated enough, even on good days, to keep from indulging in luxuries afforded to us in this digital age. And, for me very little compares to the comfort and pleasure of last minute planning–when it comes to, well–most things, but especially with my leisure activities.

The realities of life mandate me to plan ahead for next week’s conference call or my next visit to the dentist. But planning 2 weeks ahead to get a massage–no thanks. I can feel my shoulders knotting up just by the planning of it. It’s hard enough balancing life and planning ahead for everything else, I do not want to plan relaxation ahead of time. I really don’t.

So, on a recent trip to Houston a friend introduced me to http://www.SpaHack.com get it? Spa. Hack. Brilliant.

Spa Woman. Female Enjoying Massage in Spa Centre.


Basically, it’s Uber for Massage. You can open App, pick massage type, choose from available therapists, and book your massage for the next hour, that afternoon, or the next day. No need to pre-plan days in advance. You get to relax when the mood strikes or when your body really needs it. If like me you also travel often, this type of ease and convenience is priceless, because pre-planning these things on the go is not even realistic most of the time.

SpaHack solves a genuine problem for me, and I’m sure for many others who feel the same way and have a similar lifestyle. My only problem with it is this: It’s not in California yet! Only in Texas. WHAT!?! Seriously Spa Hack we need some love in Cali too. Not only that, here is me looking forward to you also being in every city I travel to! #spahackrevolution


Brea Glasko is a San Diego based freelancer.

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