A Few Memory Boosting Habits to Remember!

Thinking Hard

Memory is important to all of us.  Our memory is unique to our individual story and the details precious to each of us in ways that scientists or researchers could never quantify.  So, to help keep those memories intact, here are a few memory boosting habits that you should remember about remembering!

* THINK FOUNTAIN PEN:  If you want to retain something, write it down.  Writing something down is similar to you copying it in your mind 3x over, because you first think of writing the item, then you write it, and then you read and review it as you are writing it.

* THINK BRAIN PUSH UPS.  Use it well and often.  Research consistently shows that when you keep mentally active, by learning new things and engaging in behaviors that stimulate your brain cells, your memory is more likely to stay strong.

* THINK B COMPLEX.  Take your B Vitamins regularly as they have great impact on memory.

* THINK LIKE A WOMAN.  Sorry gentlemen, it seems that in general women outscore men on all kinds of memory tests.

* THINK EASY.  Don’t be hard on yourself if you do forget, instead also remember all the times you DID remember that birthday, the name of your high school friend, or the answer to the exam question.

* THINK GARLIC.  Research on mice, at the University of Tokyo, has shown that garlic may help prevent some age-related memory losses.

* THINK WITH PATIENCE.  It seems that speed of response begins to diminish at around age 50.

* BUT THINK ACCURATELY.  On the other hand, as speed diminishes it does not mean that accuracy has to go with it, as accuracy does not necessarily diminish with age.

* THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  Do something you’ve never done before.  Modify your habits.  Listen to a different kind of music.  Take a different route home.  Walk backwards.

* THINK WHILE DANCING.  Increasing blood circulation and oxygen delivery helps against build-up of toxins.

* THINK PAINT & PAINTBRUSH.  Research seems to show that creativity can help improve mood and health and in turn improve mental functioning.  So, put your mind at ease and pick up a paint brush, or your glue gun!


Goldman, R., Klatz, R. & Berger, L.  (1999).  Brain Fitness:  Anti-aging strategies for achieving super mind power.  New York:  Bantam Doubleday.

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